February 7

Van Gogh Malaysia by A Twist of Create


Experience the works of Vincent Van Gogh like never before with the Van Gogh Alive in Malaysia. This multi-sensory immersive exhibition brings the artist's work to life, allowing visitors to explore his masterpieces through sight, sound, and motion.

For anyone who has never heard of Vincent van Gogh or has heard the name and can only recall the story of him cutting part of his ear off, then in brief: Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter from the 19th century who suffered terribly from mental illness and surprisingly only sold one painting in his life, In a decade, he had created about 2,100 artwork's of landscapes, still life, portraits and self-portraits; it was only in death that his work began to be celebrated and is among the world's most expensive paintings to ever be sold.



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About Van Gogh Alive

About Van Gogh Alive

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