February 5

Van Gogh Alive Malaysia by New Straits Times


VINCENT van Gogh's impact on the world is undeniable. Famous today for his signature brushwork and vivid use of colour, most of the artist's works of art only became truly appreciated after his premature demise. His final words, "… the sadness will last forever," offer a window into his mental state, which both enhances and contrasts his oeuvre while presenting a greater insight into the man behind the paintings.

Now recognised as one of history's most talented artists, art enthusiasts around the world have been able to enjoy a larger-than-life portrayal of van Gogh's arresting canvas through the van Gogh "Alive" exhibition, which recently arrived on Malaysian shores.

In case you've yet to catch it, here's a suggestion to better appreciate the works of this artist: Get a bit of research done so that when you do go, you'll be able to have a deeper context about van Gogh and his work, which in turn, will shed some light on the paintings that you'll be immersed in.



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About Van Gogh Alive

About Van Gogh Alive

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